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    At Lewis Auto World we have spent years cultivating a environment that our customers can trust. We believe that your story should be woven into every touchpoint. And how you navigate through your story is dependent on what is driving you.  We’re uniquely to  built to deliver on that — with experts in car repair and the latest car models. We also offer car rentals for those who arnt settling down just yet. All in one building in Cane Garden.

    We are also hardcore non-cynics. Every one of us. We all unabashedly believe in doing whatever it takes to get the job done. And that there is meaning and satisfaction in doing that job really, really well.

    It’s just who we are. What we are. How we’ve always been.

    And it seems to make our clients very happy.


    Lewis auto world st.vincent


    We sell all makes and model

    Car Rentals

    We offer a range of vechile at affordable  prices.


    We do engine and body repair

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